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In 2019 the GFOA of the United States and Canada issued its revised Code of Ethics after extensive research and input from finance officers throughout the two countries.
“Public service is a special trust. The finance office plays an important role in the public service. The finance office has stewardship over citizens' shared financial resources. These resources make possible the services that are essential to the safety, livability, and vitality of our communities.
We, the government finance officers of the United States and Canada, have a deep and abiding desire to show that we are worthy of the trust that has been bestowed upon us. We strive to show it to the citizens of the communities we serve and to their elected representatives. We strive to remain true to the values that drive our work as public servants."
-GFOA of the US and Canada
GFOA is working with state GFOAs to help promote and adopt the revised Code of Ethics. We are pleased to announce that the New York State Government Finance Officers’ Association Board of Governors has adopted the new Code of Ethics.
If you are interested in adopting the Code of Ethics for your government, GFOA of the US and Canada has made several posters available including a poster size Code, options for a poster that can include your government's name and logo, a poster for signatures, and a poster that can include your logo along with NYGFOA's logo.
You can find the posters, additional information about the Code, and resources, such as how to put the Code into practice here: Code of Ethics
We hope you'll take a moment to review the new Code of Ethics and
consider joining us in adopting the Code!
 Code of Ethics poster NYGFOA

Entities that have Adopted the Code of Ethics 

Village of Geneseo
Village of Hamilton
Village of Southampton
Town of Granby
Village of Champlain
Village of Buchanan
Town of Niskayuna
Town of Granby
Jefferson County